Music Producer✞✞Graphic designer✞✞
Dark Tribal Sh*t ✞✞ Mike Dean,Travi$ Scott,Clams Casino✞✞


Young producer/rapper
My beats are designed for the likes of Kanye West,Travis Scott,The weeknd,Big Sean and G.O.O.D Music in general
My productions include dark,tribal,futuristic hiphop sounds
I also design t-shirts and album artworks.

Bier en Brood

Just adorable.


Dr. Baxter StockmanI was asked by Gallery Nucleus to contribute to their upcoming show Heroes in a Half Shell: A TMNT Art Tribute Exhibition. Baxter was always one of my favorite characters from the cartoon and video games. I later found about his black scientist comic origins, so I combined them all into my own version of Baxter.  S H O W    I N F O    H E R E

The next book I get to draw is set in a zoo! I get to draw all sorts of animals! Grrrr!

Rachel Levit

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary is a fantastical creature that was once believed to grow sheep as fruit. The sheep was connected to the plant like an umbilical cord, feasting on the leaves around it. It’s a pretty cool / weird critter!
This is for the Fantasy in the City show at Ltd. Gallery, opening July 18th - you can see the vegetable lamb is growing right in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris!